Our Story

From the drop to the dream


Four Pastors dressed up undercover & spent time with the homeless on the Streets of Calgary. There they met a man named Jim.  He was addicted to heroin, crack cocaine & alcohol. Jim was at the end of his rope, fighting addiction and contemplating suicide. The four pastors listened to Jim & showed him love. They brought him to a recovery center where Jesus found him & changed his life.  He went from being a violent, angry addict to a gentle man who his grandchildren ran to as he walked through the door. Jim passed away in December, 2015 from a tragic work place accident.

We believe if a few men can love Jim, then we in turn can love other people who are struggling like he was. We share our coffee with people to hear their story & let them know someone is listening. A portion of every bag sold goes to helping people into recovery & finding them a place to sleep at night. We thank these four men for taking the time to love Jim.  Jim was my father and this is his story.

We believe this love can restore families. Like it restored ours.